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2 January
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Ok, My name is Stephen, Im 18 and a high school grad.Im a pretty simple person at times, except when it comes to love, then im more complicated than a book in some foreign language that ur not familiar with. I can be nice and sweet and i can be a fucking dick, it just depends how you treat me. i can be ur best friend or your worst fucking nightmare. just dont piss me off. Im looking for mr/ms right, no luck yet, tho i thought i found him, but he was just a mr wrong. yes im a bi-sexual, not just gay, even tho people think that if ur bi that ur pure GAY, IM NOT!!! i like both. im a smoker and a drinker. Im a Virgo, and i must say that everything that goes with a virgo is true and is totally me. im smart for being a natural blonde.